Sensitizing the Yoga Community

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Yoga Stories

To sensitize the yoga community within the private sector, Yoga Fusion established a private sector partnership with Wearessential, a yoga wear brand.


In July 2014, Yoga Fusion contributed a YOGA PERFORMANCE to support a special sale of Wearessential for Oxfam Italia sustaining ‘resilience’ within the framework of Oxfam Strategic Plan, 2013-2019: The Power of People Against Poverty.

GOAL 3: SAVING LIVES, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE RESILIENCE: By 2019 resilience to disasters and conflict is strengthened in high risk countries, through improved disaster preparedness and risk reduction, and building the capacity of civil society groups and communities, in particular women, to manage shocks, stresses and address root causes of conflict.

Yoga Fusion for Oxfam_Program & Participants   Yoga Fusion for Oxfam

What’s next?

In the fall 2014 one of Wearessential’s collections will be dedicated to Yoga Fusion raising awareness within the private sector and the yoga community on the potential impact of yoga in post-conflict contexts.

The Author

A Participatory Action Research on Yoga in Action for Post-Conflict Reconciliation

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