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 HEALS over HEAD. Yoga & Yap healed Me. Who heals War?  is a book to share the personal story behind Yoga Fusion.

This is not a success story. This is simply the story of the dream I am accountable for and of how I am trying to make it happen: I’d rather be a person who failed gracefully than a person who never made the attempt -Patricia Walsh.

Linda Germanis

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So, here we are on a Balinese beach at sunrise, with an open heart, facing this challenging red ball of the sun, a symbol of rebirth, and a transformer of spiritual bottlenecks.

BOOK COVERThe sun comes out of the water so red, so dense. Full of life, of energy, of potential, of emotions. And it does so completely in the here and now. It is like witnessing a rebirth every day. Not a reincarnation, literally a rebirth, with a sense of infinity and possibility, this sense of a completely fresh chance, not of just another chance.

What was it with the sunrise anyway?

It was fear. Fear to feel the present, fear to miss the past, fear to realize all of it, fear of too much energy, and fear of not having enough energy to handle a sunrise.

I cannot help but wonder, ‘How can people affected by trauma in conflict areas and areas of natural disaster find their sun; how can they experience a rebirth within a space of safety?’

How can people be present to their sunrise under a curfew, in a refugee camp? How can people in temporary shelters or kids who go to school crossing flooded areas be escorted safely towards their sunrise? How can survivors of war rape find that safe place from which watching the sunrise becomes bearable again? What could bring a feeYOGA FUSION LOGO_TONDOling of safety to people living constantly under stress in contexts at risk?

And here I am asking myself, ‘What can I do to create safe places where trauma can be handled and the sunrise is not so scary anymore? What can the world do?’

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I ask myself all these questions, and I send them out there into the universe every morning. Every day these questions strengthen my purpose and practice of Yoga Fusion. Every sunrise I try, more and more, to connect with a universal answer. Every morning I pray in my own way to be given enough energy and resources to be able to share my sunrise.

Heals over Head. Yoga & Yap healed Me. Who heals War?


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