Yoga Fusion suggests yoga as a medium for post conflict reconciliation and reintegration. The added value of yoga as post conflict reconciliation medium is provided utillizing yoga as workshop facilitation technique. The benefits of yoga as post conflict reintegration medium are offered through Yoga Therapy, with a particular focus on Yoga Therapy for PTSD.

The importance of looking at these two methodologies combined finds its justification in Becker’s Handbook on Conflict Transformation published by the Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management (Becker, 2001). Analyzing critically trauma theories Becker highlights how,

“Somatic and psychosomatic symptoms in particular, as well as social behavior indicative of trauma, are not included in the definitions provided by PTSD.”

While Yoga Fusion recognizes the importance of therapies to address diagnosed PTSD cases – in particular exploring the benefits of Yoga Therapy in this area – it also advocates for a broader approach to tackle trauma.

Exploring the potential of Yoga as workshop facilitation technique aims at complementing individual medical treatments addressing trauma and healing at social level while maintaining the focus on the individuals.

Complementing truth commissions and trials, yoga as workshop facilitation technique goes beyond the idea of individuals pacifying one another with social actions.

Yoga Fusion explores the benefits at social level of individual paths of self awareness and recognition of “the other” as an individual facing similar challenges as human being with a similar body, and similar but different limitations and traumas.

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