Yoga as workshop facilitation technique

Yoga Fusion introduces the body and its path through the asanas – poses – as metaphor to create shared historical narratives between opposite parties.

Yoga, its philosophy, health and healing capacity can be utilized for hands on activities and conceptual presentations to guide the development of shared narratives aiming at post-conflict reconciliation.

Yoga Fusion uses the body and its memory as metaphor for the body of the society and its collective memory.

Each body is made of the same physical components, it is equipped with five senses to receive information from the outside, and it acts according to its intellect – its capacity of analyzing according to common sense and previous experiences -. And yet each body is different according to its specific characteristics – height, weight, etc. –, its experiences, its traumas, and the fears and/or ego that it developed overtime.

Each person has its own instrument to reproduce Yoga asanas: the body. The asanas are identical and yet look – and feel – different when performed by different bodies.

Yoga is a medium to translate the metaphor of the universal uniqueness of the human body into the universal uniqueness of societies, their history, their potential and their healing capacity.

Yoga is a very introspective practice, and yet it makes us realize how every other person has its own struggles, fears, and strengths. Same structure- the body-, but different contextual characteristics. There is no “right” way to be in a yoga pose, as there are adjustments, variations and work in progress for every individual until he/she can be steady and comfortable in the pose. In fact, there is no asana unless the body “accepts” the pose.

The same process applies to societies, mainly after a trauma. The two sides of the coin don’t realize that they have the same body, the same capability to be comfortable in the pose, but different histories and traumas that inform their movement and their perspective.

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