Yoga Therapy

“Yoga therapy has been applied in hospitals in India for some time now and medical research has been providing increasing evidence to support its efficacy.” – Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training Manual 2014 –

In the last ten years, there were experiments that used Yoga Therapy to cure PTSD in post-conflict and post natural disaster contexts. All the studies recommend further research in this area.

PTSD is a very complex pathology for which there isn’t yet an effective remedy. Since the early 2000s experiments have been carried out to look at the benefits of Yoga Therapy on people with PTSD symptoms, and they all reported positive correlations between the therapy and an increased wellbeing of the patients.

One of the first successful studies on the benefits of Yoga Therapy on PTSD in post-conflict contexts was conducted in Kosovo on war-traumatized high school students in 2004. From the experiment emerged how Yoga Therapy was “effective in reducing posttraumatic stress symptoms” (Gordon, 2004).

A diverse variety of experiments undertaken on mixed groups composed by tsunami survivors, war victims, veterans, and mass rape victims showed the same positive correlation between Yoga Therapy and improvements of PTSD patients in post-conflict contexts or after natural disasters.

Find references on research and projects on Yoga Theraphy. 

More and more research centers are currently exploring in the West the work started in a scientific manner in 1956 by the first accredited University fully dedicated to Yoga Therapy: the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA), Bangalore, India.

Additionally, more and more post-conflict initiative focus on sport and its positive effects on reintegration processes.

Considering all these elements, Yoga Fusion aims at complementing existing good practices, exploring the benefits of current trends, and introducing a new perspective that deconstructs current categorizations of trauma and traumatized societies, Yoga Therapy, reintegration and reconciliation practices.

Yoga Fusion suggests to consider Yoga Therapy as one of the two sides of the coin: it tests the efficacy of Yoga Therapy on individuals, while introducing a new methodology based on Yoga and the metaphor of the human body to tackle healing process at social level. To learn more refer to the section on Yoga as workshop facilitation technique.

Yoga Fusion looks at these two methodologies together to tackle visible and invisible symptoms at individual and social level to give to diagnosed individuals the opportunity to understand what happened to them also through the experience of what happened to the society as an whole, and to give to societies a way to anticipate upcoming reintegration and reconciliation challenges.

Exploring these two methodologies together the aim of Yoga Fusion is to give to the body of society  the opportunity to address spoken and unspoken difficulties in reintegration and reconciliation processes improving the success rate of complementary initiatives such as truth and reconciliation commissions and reintegration projects.

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