Yoga Gallery

Yoga Fusion’s Gallery exists thanks to the volunteer support and passion for this project of Simone Cattel Photography and WEARESSENTIAL Yoga Wear. The asanas – poses – are performed by Linda Germanis.

Yoga Fusion’s Gallery is an artistic expression of how the human body and mind can create infinite possibilities for individuals and societies.

Vasisthasan    Parsva Bakasan - variation -  Vrschikasan  Vriksasana  Sirshan - variation -  Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasan    Navasan  Utthita Trikonasan  Mukta Hasta Sirshan  Mukta Hasta Sirshan - variation - Ardha Matsyendrasan    Ushtrasan  Sarvangasan - variation -    Matsyasan  Sirshan - variation -                            Tadasan


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